Lordco is as “household-name” as you get in Western Canada. It’s an institution. We worked with the UX artists at Spatial to refresh Lordco’s marketing site with a clean, bold new look.

Using Drupal, Lordco’s beautiful custom-built store locator interface is intrinsically linked to their service portfolio, laying the lines for deep linking in future feature releases. We love to use entities as content definitions using Drupal core — it means the site can grow into its foundations without hanging its functionality on contributed modules.

Spatial Research + Design

We were so proud to help Spatial build out their new look. From Oculus to Facebook to Glassdoor, Spatial’s signatures appear on some of the world’s best digital products. Their UX research work is world-class, and their digital design portfolio speaks to aggregate decades of experience in establishing modern standards.

Spatial’s site is built in Drupal using interlocking content modules, brought to life with relational content and playful transition animations.


mCloud is helping businesses all over the world curb energy waste, maximize energy production and get the most out of critical energy infrastructure.

Another gorgeous Spatial design, mCloud features a modular page builder. The builder is superficially similar to prefab WordPress page builder or Gutenberg suites, but we customized mCloud’s builder interface and inventory to fit their business needs and style guide like a glove. With a custom page builder inventory, you can slam out a content-rich and on-brand page in minutes.

Divisions BC

Divisions of BC, a service of Doctors of BC, is a perfect example of how Drupal excels beyond the typical CMS use-case. In this property, doctors have access to a rich regional silo of content and resources. Each division has a unique package of access based on each region. Drupal is the perfect application for this use-case, as its end-to-end granular permissions system provides multi-level access control for the diverse role hierarchy.

Starting Point

Starting Point was designed by Modern Craft to be an inflection point for corporate strategy and transformation. A short “Cosmopolitan-style” quiz produces a unique report card, full of launch-ready suggestions to boost your brand and your business.

Starting Point is built in Drupal with a custom module to extend the Webform system into an articulate quiz-maker. Our favourite CMS does the heavy-lifting of form management and user creation, while a custom layer provides the glide and polish that Modern Craft are known for.

Modern Craft

Working with the UX scientists at Modern Craft is like witnessing the design evolution of a zen garden. Nothing is wasted; everything has purpose and place. The process is elegant and purpose-driven, and the product speaks volumes, both in specificity of content and language, and elegance of space and flow. These folks are feng shui for brands.

Canadian Labour Council

The Canadian Labour Council integrated with the NationBuilder platform to launch iterable region-specific campaigns across the country. We teamed up with Point Blank to create an open-ended NationBuilder theme that covers all the disparate use-cases that different campaigns might encounter: news briefs, headline-ready petitions, and region-specific events.


For over 30 years, the Canadian Association of University Teachers had led the charge for equity and protection of the rights of academic workers locally and abroad. Their incredible body of work is demonstrated in as many years of monthly publications, all available online.

Niiu Holiday Card

We teamed up with Spatial Research and Design to make a holiday card like no other—a VR video that works on desktop, mobile and VR. This panoramic interactive 360 video was something special for us: pan-device interactive video far before it was standardized on the web.

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