Divisions BC

Divisions of BC, a service of Doctors of BC, is a perfect example of how Drupal excels beyond the typical CMS use-case. In this property, doctors have access to a rich regional silo of content and resources. Each division has a unique package of access based on each region. Drupal is the perfect application for this use-case, as its end-to-end granular permissions system provides multi-level access control for the diverse role hierarchy.


For over 30 years, the Canadian Association of University Teachers had led the charge for equity and protection of the rights of academic workers locally and abroad. Their incredible body of work is demonstrated in as many years of monthly publications, all available online.

Sustainable Prosperity

The good folks at at Linking Natural Capital & Productivity are committed to making transparent the effects of economic activity on the environment. They are the brainchild of Sustainable Prosperity, a “national green economy think tank/do tank.”

SP wanted to expand their site design—a flexible, commercial Drupal theme—to visually distinguish their offshoot project. Extending an existing Drupal theme is an easy and affordable solution to iterate on an existing property by stamping it with a personal palette and brand.


We collaborated with OpenRoad to add new interactive features to a multi-donor program dedicated to strengthening the capacity of independent policy research organizations in the developing world.

Users can now navigate laterally by region or research area to dynamically browse the list of relevant organizations. A new interactive map lets users turn the globe and discover policy initiatives geographically.

Scotty Hard Trust

Scott Harding is a highly accomplished New York City based music producer, engineer, and performer. The Scotty Hard Trust allows people to donate money to Scotty without disqualifying him from the limited social benefits he receives. Created by close friends, it helps provide Scotty with immediate and long-term financial support.

F*Cancer Store

"Susan is a wonderful reflection of InspireHealth's empowered philosophy and self-engagement in health - courage, self-awareness and fun. Thank you for joining Susan in facing fear, supporting InspireHealth's vision of transforming a cancer diagnosis into inspired embrace of life, and ultimately, 'telling it like it is!' InspireHealth's mission is to support the establishment of such centres throughout Canada and to inspire integrated cancer care world-wide ­ each bracelet worn brings us one step closer to our goal. Thank you!" ­ Dr. Hal Gunn, Co-Founder & CEO of InspireHealth
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