Book Collector Books

BCB is the brainchild of a lawyer, traveller and hobbyist book collector. We worked with him to streamline Magento's front end into a clean, concise interface. The owner's personal collection of over 200 titles will soon be opened to include several other enthusiasts' libraries.

Roam Mobility

Roam is Canada's solution to usuriously high Roaming fees. While the front end is built in Magento, the site calls on a custom set of extensions to interface with regional data providers in order to manage and top up SIM cards and data plans. Wrapped in a gorgeous custom theme, this site took off days after its launch.


Espressotec's warehouse is an aladdin's den of delectable coffee gear. From beans to grinders to machines, parts and how-to guides, their knowledge of coffee gear is inexhaustible.

We designed and built their new Magento site around a costume module to facilitate their commerce interaction with AmberPOS.


Lykki is Amazon for office supplies, iTunes for ink & toner. Built from the ground up in Magento, Lykki pulls over 50,000 products from its wholesaler via a custom-built Magento bridge, and presents them in a lush and modern interface.

The product of three years of brainstorming, puzzle solving and torture-testing by Autobox and the Lykki team, Autobox is proud to have developed one of the most robust Magento experiences we've ever seen.

Haute Note

Haute Note is a modern take on the centuries-old tradition of personalized social stationery, offering elegant cards that reflect the distinct taste and style of the sender.

Autobox worked with Haute Note to produce a beautifully designed and highly customized Magento solution for their online store. Customers are given the experience of creating their own custom stationery online with their new personalization tools.

F*Cancer Store

"Susan is a wonderful reflection of InspireHealth's empowered philosophy and self-engagement in health - courage, self-awareness and fun. Thank you for joining Susan in facing fear, supporting InspireHealth's vision of transforming a cancer diagnosis into inspired embrace of life, and ultimately, 'telling it like it is!' InspireHealth's mission is to support the establishment of such centres throughout Canada and to inspire integrated cancer care world-wide ­ each bracelet worn brings us one step closer to our goal. Thank you!" ­ Dr. Hal Gunn, Co-Founder & CEO of InspireHealth

The Stationery Position

The Stationery Position specializes in personalized notecards, announcements and invitations for all occasions, the stationery position is a surprising blend of modern sophistication and whimsical fun... because who said stationery has to be stuffy? (or pricey)!

Please Mum

This project began with a need to replace and evolve from a dated and buggy OSCommerce system. Using the open source platform Magento as a basis for a stable and feature rich site management system, Autobox has built Please Mum a series of new tools to help this rapidly growing business manage their online sales.

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