Vancouver Whitecaps

Just after moving in with Vancouver's Slingshot Communications, we kicked off our office-warming with the Whitecaps campaign. For each of the thirty days leading up to the season launch, we pushed a viral video to a desktop site, a mobile site, and a downloadable desktop application built in Adobe AIR.

I Make It So Good Contest

This contest was a campaign launched by So Good soya drinks asking the public what they make "so good". The site had elements of a contest, recipe sharing, and send to a friend feature. This contest has now ended but can still be viewed online.

Autobox worked with Publicis to build this microsite using Flash and PHP.

Sara Johnston - Trespassing

Sara Johnston's sweet and softly scratchy tones are evolving in all kinds of interesting ways. This is her first solo full length album since Bran Van 3000's heady days. It's layered with some mournful harmonies and some funny lyrics and is all around loveable, especially the hidden track.

Autobox built this flash page and player featuring Sara's new album Trespassing.

Lux Visual Effects

Lux Visual Effects Inc. provides Visual Effects in Vancouver for tv, television, film, ads, commercials, movies, 3D Animation, CGI, computer graphics, computer animation, special effects, vfx, web design and graphic design in Vancouver BC Canada & the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada.

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