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Black Hen Music

Referred to by at least one critic as "the T-Bone Burnett of Canada," Steve Dawson's record label is home to some of this continent's finest folk and roots independent artists. Being personal fans of many of their roster artists, including Jim Byrnes and Kelly Joe Phelps, we're thrilled to have a continuing business relationship with Black Hen.

Lux Visual Effects

The goal was simple: provide an online demo reel and portfolio showcasing the incredible design prowess and technical sophistication at Lux Visual Effects. Being one of the leading visual effects shops in the country, Lux needed a web portfolio that reflected their position as an innovator and their take-no-prisoners approach to technology. Because many decisions are made on set and on the move, the new site had to be mobile friendly. It makes extensive use of responsive design for seamless display on mobile and tablet devices.

Sara Johnston - Trespassing

Sara Johnston's sweet and softly scratchy tones are evolving in all kinds of interesting ways. This is her first solo full length album since Bran Van 3000's heady days. It's layered with some mournful harmonies and some funny lyrics and is all around loveable, especially the hidden track.

Autobox built this flash page and player featuring Sara's new album Trespassing.

Black Hen Music

Black Hen Music was started by Steve Dawson in 1995, and began releasing albums in 1996. Black Hen is dedicated to producing music that is diverse, eclectic and primarily acoustic-based. Since its inception, Black Hen has released over 30 albums and continues to expand its roster.

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State Radio

A Boston based trio band led by singer and primary songwriter Chad Urmston (a former member of Vermont jamsters Dispatch), State Radio largely managed to avoid the usual post-Phish clichés, injecting a punk-influenced sound and politically charged viewpoint while staying true to the tenets of the band's chosen style, which infuses a blend of Roots-Reggae, Ska, Punk and Rock. State Radio was designed by Suzanne and is maintained by Autobox.

Lux Visual Effects

Lux Visual Effects Inc. provides Visual Effects in Vancouver for tv, television, film, ads, commercials, movies, 3D Animation, CGI, computer graphics, computer animation, special effects, vfx, web design and graphic design in Vancouver BC Canada & the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada.

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