Spatial Research + Design

We were so proud to help Spatial build out their new marketing site for 2020. From Oculus to Facebook to Glassdoor, Spatial’s signatures appear on over some of the world’s best digital products. Their UX research work is world-class, and their digital design portfolio speaks to aggregate decades of experience in establishing modern standards.

Spatial’s site is built in Drupal using interlocking modular content elements, brought to life with relational content and smooth transition animations.

Starting Point

Starting Point was designed by Modern Craft to be an inflection point for corporate strategy and transformation. A short “Cosmopolitan-style” quiz produces a unique report card, full of launch-ready suggestions to boost your brand and your business.

Starting Point is built in Drupal with a custom module to extend the Webform system into an articulate quiz-maker. Our favourite CMS does the heavy-lifting of form management and user creation, while a custom layer provides the glide and polish that Modern Craft are known for.

Modern Craft

Working with the UX scientists at Modern Craft is like witnessing the design evolution of a zen garden. Nothing is wasted; everything has purpose and place. The process is elegant and purpose-driven, and the product speaks volumes, both in specificity of content and language, and elegance of space and flow. These folks are feng shui for brands.

BC Egg

Both an inventory of data, history and advocacy for BC's egg industry, and a trove of eggcelent recipe ideas, the new is bold and beautiful. It looks great in a screen-wide browser, and it scales down eleggantly for tablets, phablets and phones.

As eggspected, we used Drupal for a familiar and lightening fast-CMS control over a site that is hand-coded to look all its own.

Creative by Sabotage

Artful Apple Contest

This contest challenged users to turn an apple into a work of art. Apples are displayed on a gallery wall and users vote for and share their favourites on Facebook and Twitter. Using Yii as a framework, Autobox built a simple but robust content management tool geared specially for such contests. This build was another collaboration between us and BRANDFX , who made everything look so splendid.

Vancouver Whitecaps

Just after moving in with Vancouver's Slingshot Communications, we kicked off our office-warming with the Whitecaps campaign. For each of the thirty days leading up to the season launch, we pushed a viral video to a desktop site, a mobile site, and a downloadable desktop application built in Adobe AIR.


BRANDFX is a renowned and respected marketing agency in North Vancouver. With insightful creative, the best technical people, and a proactive account management approach, BRANDFX deliver smart, compelling work that is true to brand, on time, and on budget. Always.

Content management is critical to BRANDFX's ever-expanding portfolio, so we used our best friend Drupal to deliver database-driven content through an eye-popping fullscreen slideshow. It looks like Flash, but it's not! BRANDFX looks great on desktop and mobile alike.

I Make It So Good Contest

This contest was a campaign launched by So Good soya drinks asking the public what they make "so good". The site had elements of a contest, recipe sharing, and send to a friend feature. This contest has now ended but can still be viewed online.

Autobox worked with Publicis to build this microsite using Flash and PHP.
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